Chews for Active Dogs

Dogs have a lot of energy. After hours of fetch and long walks, your dog is still ready for more. We have a list of the best chews for the dog that just won’t sit still. These chews will last longer and give you a much-needed break.

Deer Skin sticks

The Deer Skin sticks  are our most popular products and there is a reason! Your dog can enjoy this snack for a long time, and it also prevents boredom. In addition, daily chewing can contribute to the reduction of tartar and plaque in your dog.

Beef Neck Tendons

This natural dog chew is the ideal activity for large dogs. Beef Neck Tendons is lasting dog chew about 30 – 40cm long. Your pet really has to chew and gnaw on this treat to soften it, cleaning its teeth, so it is great for good dental hygiene as well.

Doe Leg

Doe Legs which have been either wild or bred in a free range environment. This is an essential part of raising Doe and Deer and adds to the delicious flavors. Your dogs will absolutely love our Doe and Deer legs which are of such a high quality.

Cow Ears

Cow Ears are a single-ingredient chew and a classic favourite of dogs everywhere because of their flavor and taste.

Beef Scalp Sticks

These sticks of dried beef scalp measure about 40 cm and need to be chewed soft. They will keep your dog busy for ages and clean his teeth at the same time.

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