Training Treats

Most positive training and socialization methods involve the use of many treats, so often trainers and books advise you to use a portion of the puppy’s daily kibble as treats. One could use the pup’s raw food in this manner as well, should one desire to cut some of the puppy’s daily portion of raw meat into tiny pieces. However, most people you meet would probably prefer to not touch chunks of raw meat that you offer them for treating your puppy; thus, other alternatives are needed. While some feel the kinds of treats do not matter, I would still advise sticking to wholesome treats so as to minimize the amount of grains, sugars, chemicals, and junk food entering your pup’s body.

Here are some good training treat suggestions (see the Treats section for more detail):

  • Dehydrated beef heart, liver, or other meats (visit the Treats link above)
  • Lamb or beef dried liver, lung, tripe
  • Dried lamb, rabbit meat cubes
  • Small pieces of dried fish
  • Small cubes of cooked chicken or turkey
  • Small cubes of cheese
  • Small vegetable chunks, if your dog likes them (an easy, low calorie treat; be sure to avoid toxic fruits and veggies like onions, grapes, and raisins)
  • Natural commercial treats that contain very little grain and additives


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